Frank’s Story

This note of thanks was sent to Casa de la Luz Foundation after the Foundation provided a towel warmer for a hospice patient. This thank you is long overdue! But Dad said he was going to write it, but, sadly, I feel he’s no longer able to accomplish such a feat. The towel warmer has been a big, big, big hit. We warm his bath towels, his shirt, and his blanket gets warmed over and over each day. I wish I could express in words the smile, eyes closed, that is silently saying “Aaaaah!” every time I cover him with a warmed blanket. Your kind gift and the swiftness with which you went from idea to reality was overwhelming. Please share this note with the Casa Foundation and thank them from the bottom of my heart (and Frank’s warm feet!). Laura B. and Frank S. Read More

A. Gerety

Dear Sir or Madam,

Enclosed is a check for the Foundation.  I read one of your goals was education of the community.  If possible I would like my donation to be directed to the education of oncologists about the services of hospice so referral is made sooner than later.  Not only does the patient need to find out about death and dying but the entire family.

I would like oncologists to realize that early referral can be beneficial for everyone.  I say, oncologist, because he/she is going to be the one making the referral.

If it can’t be directed to doctor education, please use as you see fit.

Thank you for your wonderful service.

A. Gerety

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Art Courtesy of Bettina Mills - talented artist and longtime friend of Casa de la Luz. We are inspired by her talent and generosity and greatly appreciate that she shares her gifts with us. All artwork Copyright Reserved by Bettina Mills.