Dear 2018 End of Life Conference Attendee,

Thank you so much for joining us on Dia de los Muertos for our 18th annual conference! We hope you enjoyed your experience as much as we did: from Tony & Gloria’s altar, to the diverse speakers, to the mariachis at lunch, to the new people you met – our wish is that each encounter enriched your day.

We are happy to report that just over 300 individuals joined us, that the Canyon Ranch raffle raised more than $1700 to support the work of the Foundation, and that your evaluation feedback has already been analyzed for incorporation into planning next year’s event.

We are grateful for your partnership in transforming the end of life experience into the final act of living well for those in Tucson and surrounding communities. Please stay connected with us through our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Best wishes always,
Julie Evans
Executive Director
Casa de la Luz Foundation

For more photos from the conference, please visit the EOL album on our Facebook page where we have uploaded them for viewing. Thank you to Paul Holze for photographing the event.