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The Foundation is committed to educating the community about end of life issues. We host an annual “End-of-Life Community Conference” focusing on different themes each year.

The conference brings together nearly 300 participants to explore topics such as palliative and hospice care, cultural traditions around death, burial practices, grief, etc.  If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please click here.

We also provide the Five Wishes, advance directives booklet, free of charge to the community.

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The Art of Covid


We are inspired by the kindness and creativity that has led people to make masks for themselves, loved ones and strangers.

We want to capture images of masks, along with people wearing their masks, and the stories of how they came to be, as a way of memorializing this extraordinary time in our history.

We shared the idea of capturing the images and stories with our friends at the Virtual Funeral Collective - a group of specialists who work with dying, death, and grief on a daily basis.  With the help of Collective members Betsy Trapasso and Dr. Candi K. Cann we have launched this platform to collect images and stories.


We thoroughly enjoyed our 19th annual End Of Life (EOL) conference, “An Inspired Journey” on January 10th, 2020 -
a day-long gathering of community members for education, inspiration, personal discussion and exploration of EOL issues! 

The 2020 conference highlighted EOL touchstones such as pre-planning, diagnosis and treatment options, the dying process, final arrangements (including alternatives) and grief.

The conference has grown in size from 76 attendees in 2003 to 272 participants this past year - its growing popularity signals a need for a forum where people can talk about death.

Instead of the usual keynote speech to kick off the conference, the morning plenary session was a “Personal Death Awareness” activity, led by trained facilitators.  The rest of the sessions explored various aspects of the final leg of our journey on earth.

Our planning team was intent on providing a diverse array of ideas, viewpoints and experiences during this amazing gathering.  Our attendees drove how the conference workshops unfold through your participation and personal interactions during sessions.

Attendees completed a pre and post-conference survey. By the end of our day together, we found that attendees felt more comfortable talking about death; had an increased awareness of planning for EOL; were willing to complete your Five Wishes or shared feedback about why they weren’t; and were able to identify information gaps so we can speak to them at a future conference.

We were thankful to those who were able to join us on our unique journey.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions for next year (

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Casa de la Luz Foundation was established in 2000 as a nonprofit organization to support end of life care.

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Art Courtesy of Bettina Mills - talented artist and longtime friend of Casa de la Luz. We are inspired by her talent and generosity and greatly appreciate that she shares her gifts with us. All artwork Copyright Reserved by Bettina Mills.