Casa de la Luz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2000 whose mission is to acquire and dispense funds in support of end of life care. The Foundation is managed by an all volunteer, caring, committed Board of Directors who oversee the disbursement of funds that are donated, bequeathed, or acquired through fundraising activities.

The organization began with a small group of five individuals dedicated to the stewardship of the Foundation, and since then, the board has doubled in size, growing to 10 members in 2012 to carry forward our noble mission. Our growth has enabled us to expand our support to dying individuals and their families and to increase our educational offerings for the community.

We wish to do more. To this end we have adopted a two-year Strategic Plan 2013-2015 with goals we are proud to share with you and to which we expend great effort to accomplish. As an African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child,” we recognize our community relationship. Please join with us in our efforts to help transform the end of life experience into the final act of living well.

We aim to:

  • Double our funding within two years by expanding and diversifying our sources.
  • Provide information regarding personal benefits supported by Casa de la Luz Foundation to enhance the end of life experience.
  • Collaborate with three community organizations over the next year to educate the community about palliative (comfort) care issues and end of life issues.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse board of 11 members who will ensure the Foundation’s vision and mission through the commitment of their time, talent, and resources.

Our Mission

To acquire and dispense funds to provide funding of supplemental support for hospice patients, family, and loved ones during end of life care; to educate the community about end of life care; to support research concerning end of life care; and to conduct appropriate fundraising events to help finance our vision.

Our Vision

To ensure superior care to patients and their loved ones, to transform the end of life experience into the final act of living well.